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One thousand, six hundred and sixty-seven words each day. Without stopping for a month. You might have a novel at the end of it.

That’s National Novel Writing Month. That’s NaNoWriMo. Here in our forum, each year, the writers gather, discuss their preparations, characters, plots, electronic gadgets, and hole up, separate from the distractions of the world, hermits for a shared cause.

Write that novel. Accumulate a pile of words. Fifty thousand words on the truck scales, drive on, weigh, hear the hiss of the brakes, have a cup of coffee and drive off, perhaps to sell your cargo to an eager publisher.

Come join us in the rough camaraderie, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the driven. Get that first novel under your belt.

Become an author in bulk. Learn to throw your weight around.

Join us here.

–William V. Burns

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